Games, flight sims, movie players, and more, all great fits for your smartphone VR headset.

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viewerwithremoteGames, flight sims, movie players, and more, all great fits for your Google VR headset.

Virtual reality experiences will happen on smartphones a device that’s already in your pocket. And we have now made it possible for people everywhere to explore virtual reality in a cost effective, easy way with our new Smartphone Virtual Reality Viewer. This do-it-yourself toolkit will allow you to build your own cardboard headset in a matter of minutes so you can experience the immersive, fun and exciting world of VR.

The more I use Google Cardboard, the more I’m impressed by it. You wouldn’t think such an inexpensive assortment of parts (well, and a not-so-cheap smartphone) could produce such an immersive virtual-reality experience, but the proof is in the putting on.

In fact, you might be surprised by some of the cool apps that work with Cardboard. Below I’ve rounded up five you absolutely must try — preferably with some sort of game controller so you can move around. Options include the Snakebyte iDroid:con or a PS3 controller connected via USB. I used an Impulse Bluetooth controller and it worked quite well.

Halls of Fear VR Demo: A simple but totally effective game in which you navigate dark, spooky tunnels in search of cubes.

Shadowgun VR: This sample level from the amazing Shadowgun first-person shooter pretty much blows away everything else. After a non-interactive fly-through, you’re plunked into the level where you can look around at the amazing level of detail. And if you have a game controller, you can move about as well.

SpaceTerrorVR: Similar to Halls of Fear, but with a space-station setting, even cooler graphics, and at least a few genuinely scary moments. Don’t let the monsters touch you!

Tuscany Dive: Ever wanted to visit a seaside villa?

Tuscany Dive takes you there for a lovely afternoon stroll. Really it’s just a fancy demo, but still a great showcase for VR. If you look straight down, you can toggle on or off the auto-walk mode, which lets you move around without a controller.

VR Cinema for Cardboard: Released just two days ago, this simple app lets you view MP4 videos (stored on your phone or Dropbox) in all their full-field-of-vision, simulated-3D glory.

Another app that’s definitely worth a look is Flight VR Demo, though I had a hard time getting it to work (meaning I could never figure out how to take off).

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