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Welcome VR Viewer,

This is like no other technology you have explored in your past gaming and technology adventures.  Your mobile VR viewer is the ticket into the next generation of computing and visualization for fun and for every industry it may apply.  The stage has been set for this new industry to begin but as with all things new it takes early adopters and cutting edge personalities to seek out what is next.  You are here so lets begin with orientation and the basics.

Begin by choosing a VR Guide from the menu above or start exploring the postings on the right to see what is new and where to find it.  This is your guide post so check back to update your app and web links.  We will expand to support more WEBGL content in the coming year which is the next big shift in web browser experiences since Flash hit the market.  Welcome to the future of the 3D web where websites are not just a billboard or tool but an immersive experience driven by voice control.  Sounds great but it starts with you today and your new viewer.  Enjoy the exploration.

The Technology Exploration Group.


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