Wonder where it is all going?

///Wonder where it is all going?

splashlogoThese links take you to where the hobbyist, industry and innovators are going.  TEG silicon valley staffers will continuously update this list and other areas of the site.  We promote the use of our content for your site as well.

If you need help using our RSS feeds please let us know.  Visit our store for the best VR headgear and contact us for educational institution pricing.  We additionally welcome anyone from a STEM program as a student and educator!  The world needs more engineers, mathematician and scientists.  Let’s get to work.

Please check back to see what is new…


We help corporations and institutions adopt and deploy technology. It our pleasure to provide STEM teachers free access and support for the mobile Virtual Reality revolution. Please contact us if your organization can benefit from our expansive research and development capabilities.


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